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Welcome to Electric Bird Creative!

Electric Bird Creative is a commercial photography and image retouching studio run by James Thorn, an award winning photographer who has been published both in Australia and internationally. 

His goal is simple - to create the best imagery possible, no matter the challenge. He achieves this by taking a no compromise approach to his work and never settling for second best. Simply, he is all about making your images look incredible.

In addition to creating outstanding imagery, he also provides customer service that is second to none. He’s happy to work with you from the beginning of your project by discussing concepts for your images, helping you get exactly what you’re after, even if you can’t quite put your finger on what that is.

James does all of his own image retouching and post-production in-house, so you’ll always get exactly what you’re after and with perfect consistency.

He also offers image retouching as a standalone service.

When not creating commercial work, James loves to get lost in nature while experimenting with abstract landscape photography.